Our robotics courses are designed to capture a child’s fascination with robots and build on this to teach programming, engineering and advanced mathematics at an early stage in a child’s development. Choosing the right teaching robot is essential. Mainstream products are unable to deliver a continuous educational experience from basic steps to professional challenges, projects and serious competitions. We have therefore partnered with TRIK, a leading provider of cybernetic educational platforms. TRIK was born out of the need for programming teaching tools at secondary school and undergraduate level and the requirement for a cost effective platform for R&D at university level. It is a major step forward from the competition, leaving behind the plastic block systems that children start to outgrow from as young as 11. The programming flexibility of TRIK allows children to use visual programming language as well as any professional language including C++, JAVA and Python, so pupils can start with the basics and go all the way up to professional tools. For children, the ability of TRIK robots to see, hear, talk and of course move, turns the subject of programming into a creative game.

Enrolment in Robotics Club