Online and Face to Face classes and camps

About us

The London School of Mathematics and Programming is a unique institution that helps children to develop their intellectual and cognitive skills. We provide classes for ages 4 to 18 that explore and encourage a deeper understanding of Maths, Programming, Robotics and Chess. Founded in 2013, we were the first school in the UK to offer Maths Circles where children solve and discuss maths problems in small groups lead by a senior mathematician. 

We teach at weekends and on evenings during term time and provide STEM camps during half terms and holidays. Our weekend schools are located in Kensington, Hampstead and Wimbledon and we also teach online.

Our teaching approach is highly systematic. We make sure each subject is thoroughly learned and understood so our pupils solve problems through logic rather than memorizing theory. Our aim is to help children understand and love mathematics and coding, be inventive, open-minded and strive to think outside the box. To achieve this we provide an engaging and enriching environment in which children can develop their abilities far beyond the ordinary. 

What we offer

Our courses and camps are practical and fun and deliver a unique approach:

  • Mathematics – our maths circles and curriculum classes lift maths up from any perception of being dry, dull or difficult to being exciting, challenging and enjoyable through problems, games and competitions that engage our pupils’ powers of logic and problem solving skills

  • Programming – we teach coding theory by demonstrating its practical applications, taking a child from the construction of an algorithm through to its end use, for example a computer game or screen animations

  • Robotics – mathematics, programming and engineering is brought to life as children assemble and programme state of the art educational robots to perform tasks and tricks. Our teachers can describe complex programming and mathematical theories in a visible, practical context, with the robots magically transforming the learning process from dry scientific concepts and facts into real life

  • Early Intellectual Development (Maths and Logic) courses are aimed at children aged 4 to 8 to build a strong foundation in logic, analysis and maths and set them on the path to enjoying this exciting subject

We give children as much one to one attention as possible within a motivating classroom environment. Our pupil to staff ratio is crucial at no more than 6 to 1 and often even less.

How can we help you and your child?

If your child finds that school maths is not demanding enough, or they are not enjoying maths, we can help.

Our methodology is based on a systematic approach to teaching mathematics. This promotes understanding over memorisation and builds a firm foundation in the subject. At the same time we put the fun and games back into learning with in-class competitions and group problem solving at olympiad level.

Programming helps the young mind to think logically and algorithmically, while Robotics requires the practical application of programming, mathematics and engineering.

We are passionate about these subjects because they teach vital skills for today and the future. We also believe there is a degree of risk for children as they become increasingly absorbed in gaming and social media – the danger is that their computers programme them. Instead, they could be learning how to programme their computers. The problem solving nature of programming – its creativity, the challenge of finding bugs and language learning, are all vital steps in the development of the young mind. Robotics employs the cutting edge of programming knowledge but is also fun which is why so many of our pupils return for weekend, half term and holiday classes.

Teaching from the London School of Mathematics and Programming is designed to complement and enhance your child’s school education and prepare them for an exciting future.

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