Online and Face to Face classes and camps

About us

The London School of Mathematics and Programming is a unique institution that helps children to develop their intellectual and cognitive skills. We provide classes and camps for ages 4 to 18 that explore and encourage a deeper understanding of Maths, Programming, Robotics and Chess.

Founded in 2013, we were the first school in the UK to offer Maths Circles where children solve and discuss maths problems in small groups led by senior mathematicians. Our goal is to provide children with a thorough understanding of maths and its related subjects, to enjoy learning and to develop enquiring minds. Academic success thus becomes the natural outcome of this experience rather than the only goal.

Latest news

We congratulate our pupils (and our team) on their outstanding achievements:

  • Anastasia Stone, our school’s founder, has been appointed Chief Invigilator for the 2024 International Mathematical Olympiad. Anastasia and her team will have the challenging responsibility of running the exams for over 600 most brilliant young mathematicians from 100 countries.

  • In the annual Perse Coding Team Challenge 2024 the London School of Mathematics and Programming was placed 8th out of 110 schools in the UK and internationally - our highest placing so far! In total, 680 teams made it to the final this year, including all six from LondonSMP.  We warmly congratulate our teams, who were also awarded either a Distinction or Merit.

  • In 2023 all pupils completing our Oxbridge online course for Years 10 to 13 gained an A* in both A level Maths and A level Further Maths. All went to their first choice of university with over half going to Oxford or Cambridge.

  • We  congratulate our pupil, Ema, who won a Silver Medal in the European Girls Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) 2023 while scoring the highest mark on the British team.

What we offer

We teach at weekends and on evenings during term time and provide STEM camps during half terms and holidays. Our weekend schools are located in Kensington, Hampstead and Wimbledon and we also teach online.

Our teaching approach is highly systematic. We make sure each subject is thoroughly learned and understood so our pupils solve problems through logic rather than memorising theory. Our aim is to help children understand and love mathematics, coding, robotics and chess, be inventive, open-minded and strive to think outside the box. To achieve this we provide an engaging and enriching environment in which children can develop their abilities far beyond the ordinary.