Oxbridge Entrance Preparation


Oxbridge entrance is about using Maths in "novel and unfamiliar ways", as required by current Oxbridge standards, plus an immense amount of practical problem-solving. In setting this style of exam, Oxford and Cambridge are seeking to determine which of their applicants are ‘real’ mathematicians, who think far beyond the often computational nature of maths A level. On our courses, pupils are tackling Oxbridge questions, understanding how to solve these difficult but exciting problems and preparing for the exam.  

The course is taught by Dr Andras Hrasko, one of the best maths teachers in the country. Andras holds a PhD in Mathematics from Roland Eotvos University (Budapest, Hungary) and an MSc in Mathematics from Warwick University. In his 20-year teaching career, Andras has trained numerous winners of gold, silver and bronze medals in the annual International Mathematical Olympiad, as well as the European Maths Olympiad for Girls. The problem solving skills required for olympiads are what Oxbridge is looking for and Andras has taught numerous pupils to success in their Oxbridge entrance exams.

Course attendees will be taught in small groups, with plenty of individual attention and a great deal of personalised advice.
Enrolment in Oxbridge Entrance Preparation Course

MAT, TMUA and STEP exams

MAT (Mathematics Admission Test) is a 2.5 hour test required for Oxford candidates applying to the following courses: Computer Science, Computer Science and Philosophy, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics and Philosophy, Mathematics and Statistics. It is normally taken at the end of October/beginning of November of the school year 13 (upper sixth).

However, if you are applying to study Mathematics courses at Durham University, Lancaster University, the University of Warwick, the University of Sheffield, the University of Southampton, or the London School of Economics and Political Science, you are encouraged to take TMUA (Test of Mathematics for University Admissions) as part of your application. The University of Nottingham School of Mathematical Sciences will also take this score into consideration. This exam is taken in October of year 13 as well.

If you are aiming at Cambridge (Mathematics, Computer Science with Mathematics, Mathematics with Physics), then you will be asked to take a STEP (Sixth Form Examination Paper) Mathematics exam. Some Cambridge colleges may also ask you to take this exam for Economics and Engineering.

Warwick University may also ask you to take STEP for courses that have to do with Mathematics, Statistics, Data Sciences and even Economics. STEP exams are normally taken in June.