Educational and Fun Holiday Camps in 2021

Online and Face to Face Options!

We prepare new content, materials and exciting projects for every camp. Even if your child has joined us for previous camps they will always learn new things and cover new subjects.  You can register for one of our camps by filling in the form here.

Easter Holidays, 3-16 April 2021

5 different camps, for specific ages between ages 4.5 and 18 - online and face to face options

!SOLD OUT! 3-4 April: Oxbridge Camp, ‘Differentiation and Curves', for Years 11-13, Online only 

Very difficult topics in the A-Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics curricula are implicit differentiation, curves and polar curves. We will practice these topics and use Geogebra software to draw beautiful curves, create animations and reveal the properties of some famous curves such as the nephroid, cardioid, astroid and lemniscate.

!SOLD OUT! 5-9 April: Junior Maths, Coding and Chess Camps, ‘Architecture: Geometry and Design’, for ages 4.5 to 7.5

Online: 5-day camp, 5-9 April 2021
Face to Face: South Kensington School (SW7 5JS),  4-day camp, 6-9 April 2021

This camp brings maths and programming alive with a focus on geometry in architecture and computing in construction. Children will explore different kinds of symmetry, the properties of shapes and the fun and skill in drawing tessellations. Alongside mathematical problem solving we will also be teaching programming using Junior Scratch and to stretch the mind still further this camp will include a daily chess class.

!SOLD OUT! 5-9 April: Senior Maths and Programming Camps, ‘The World of Prime Numbers’, for ages 7 to 16

Online: 5-day camp, 5-9 April 2021
Face to Face: South Kensington School (SW7 5JS), 4-day camp, 6-9 April 2021 

This Easter holiday our first senior camp will explore the exciting subject of Prime Numbers in both programming and mathematics. We will look at why this topic is so important, how Prime Numbers work and where they appear in the world around us. In Maths, depending on a pupils age, they may be studying odd numbers, triangular numbers, factors and multiples through to perfect numbers, primes and visual geometric proofs. In programming, Prime Numbers give us an opportunity to create exciting interactive graphics visualisations.


!SOLD OUT! 12-16 April: Junior Maths, Coding and Chess Camps, ‘Measuring - Quantifying the World Around Us’, for ages 4.5 to 7.5

Two 5-day camps: Online or Face to Face at our South Kensington School (SW7 5JS)

The practicality of mathematics is demonstrated wonderfully in the world of measurement. Most young minds are already interested in understanding age (older and younger) and size (smaller and larger). In this camp we will build on this curiosity, looking at the world around us to understand length, distance, weight and time. To add excitement we will look at the origins and history of measurements to show how mankind’s ability to quantify has grown in sophistication over time. Pupils will also tackle mathematical problems and play games to develop their powers of logic while programming in Junior Scratch will reveal computer based methods of measurement. As ever we will be teaching a chess class each day so pupils can also quantify their progress in this venerable game!

!SOLD OUT! 12-16 April: Senior Maths and Programming Camp, ‘Data and Tables - Mastering the Matrix’, for ages 7 to 16

Two 5-day camps: Online or Face to Face at our South Kensington School (SW7 5JS)

Over the Easter holiday our second camp will explore how data is managed, with pupils learning about the use of tables in both mathematics and programming. We will look at how different tables of data connect to form data relationships that can solve problems and, in programming, create computer images. Pupils will study how scientists, programmers and mathematicians use tables every day to become masters of data matrices.

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