How can we help you and your child?


Whether your child loves and excels in maths, is finding school maths unchallenging, or is not enjoying and beginning to disengage from the subject, we can help.

Our methodology is based on a systematic approach to teaching. We promote understanding over memorisation and help pupils to build a firm foundation in the subject. At the same time we put the fun and games back into learning with in-class competitions and group problem solving at olympiad level.

Programming helps the young mind to think logically and algorithmically, while Robotics requires the practical application of programming, mathematics and engineering.

We are passionate about these subjects because they teach skills vital for today and the future. Problem solving in maths and the problem solving nature of programming – its creativity, the challenge of finding bugs and language learning, are all vital steps in the development of the young mind. We also want to address the risk for children as they become increasingly absorbed in gaming and social media – the danger that their computer is programming them. Instead, they could be learning how to programme their computers.

Robotics employs the cutting edge of programming knowledge but is also fun which is why so many of our pupils return for weekend, half term and holiday classes.

Teaching from the London School of Mathematics and Programming is designed to complement and enhance your child’s school education and prepare them for an exciting future.

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