South Kensington School


Classes take place on Saturdays at Baden-Powell House, 65-67 Queensgate, London SW7 5JS. To ask for more information or to enroll, please fill in this REGISTRATION FORM.

Fees by subject for classes starting 18 September through to 4 December 2021 (23 and 30 October is half term break), Autumn Term 2021 at LondonSMP's South Kensington School:

Maths Circles (1 hour lessons): £360

Coding Clubs and Programming Courses (1 hour lessons): £360

Electronics and Robotics Classes (1 hour lessons): £395

Chess Clubs (1 hour lessons and weekly tournaments, lessons for youngest players are 50 mins): £360

Chess Puzzles (30 mins lessons):  £180

Early Intellectual Development / Maths and Logic (lessons are an hour in length, except for classes for ages 4 to 5 which last 50 mins): £360

Our pupil to teacher ratio is 5 to 1 or less. 

Lessons are an hour in length, except for junior classes which last 50 mins and chess puzzles during the lunch break that last 30 mins.

Sibling Discount Policy

We offer a 10% sibling discount on fees for a second child or further children. For the purposes of this policy the definition of a sibling is a child who is one of two or more children from the same family. The discount does not apply to whichever child has the highest fee spend, but does apply to siblings with an equal or lower fee spend.

Baden-Powell House,  65-67 Queensgate, London SW7 5JS