STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

Everyone is talking about STEM education these days. Issue is, STEM is such a comprehensive matter, with such a wide scope and embracing so many scientific fields of study, that it is often tricky to find a starting point to begin a STEM journey.

This particularly affects the parents of children who, on one hand, understand importance of STEM, but are presented with too many choices and options to make an educated decision on where to begin.

Our half term and holiday STEM camps integrate concepts that are usually taught as separate subjects. More importantly, the camps emphasise application of knowledge to real-life situations, meaning, projects, more projects and even more projects!

We will employ Electronics and Coding, 3D Modelling and Mechanics (just to name a few) to try our hand at building smart houses, hydraulic robotic arms, wind turbines, seismographs and many, many more.

Enrolment in STEM camps