Maths Circles


Mathematics is so much more than numbers – but not every child is invited to see it that way. We apply a highly systematic approach to teaching maths which emphasizes the logical and reasoning side of the subject including how to argue the case for the right answer and how to reach it. In our view the art of debating and applying logic to prove a point is as vital in the world of maths as it is in the humanities.

As so many examinations rely on multiple choice questions, children are losing the ability to show how they arrived at a solution. Proofing is an essential part of how our students learn. Each student will be encouraged to show on paper and to each other, how they reached a solution and also to demonstrate their workings, or proof, at the white board. 

In Maths Circles children study material that is typically not covered at school, they meet like-minded peers who share their interest in learning, gain new ways of thinking about mathematics, discover the beauty and meaning of mathematics and gain an important set of thinking skills and problem-solving habits. During these classes we put a great deal of effort into encouraging children to develop their reasoning skills and discuss the solutions between each other, which helps them to build a stronger understanding of maths and its applications.