Preparation for BMO Second Round:
Geometry, Algebra and Number Theory

Senior STEM Camp for Years 10 to 13

18 - 22 December 2023: Face to Face at Baden-Powell House, 65 Queens Gate, SW7 5JS


This December we will hold the third in our new series of Super Maths Camps. These courses focus solely on mathematics and go beyond the curriculum; educating, encouraging and nurturing the skills of talented young mathematicians to help them achieve their best possible outcomes.

This camp is specifically designed to provide a boost to students who aim to tackle the British Mathematical Olympiad Second Round. During the camp pupils will study and solve problems based on areas of Maths including:

  • Further Elementary Geometry

  • Elements of Projective Geometry

  • Symmetries in Algebra

  • Number Theory

Please note that this camp is by invitation only and requires preliminary preparation.

Places are limited, please register your interest HERE.   

The camp is led by Dr Andras Hrasko. Dr Hrasko holds a PhD in Mathematics from Roland Eotvos University (Budapest, Hungary) and an MSc in Mathematics from the University of Warwick. Over his 20-year teaching career, Andras has trained numerous winners of gold, silver and bronze medals in the annual International Mathematical Olympiad, as well as the European Maths Olympiad for Girls. Andras has also acquired a fine understanding of the exam demands of Maths GCSE and A-levels and has taught numerous pupils to succeed in their Oxbridge entrance exams.

Format and fees for the senior face to face camp:

  • ages 14 to 18 (Years 10 to 13), by invitation only
  • camp times: 1pm to 6pm
  • fees are £595 for five days. It is not possible to join for a shorter period

Places are limited, please register your interest HERE.