The Science of Sharing! Fractions and Division

ONLINE Junior Maths, Programming and Chess Camp for ages 5 to 7.5

15-19 February 2021


Our youngest pupils will spend the week exploring numbers of an unusual kind - fractions! Everything is strange about these numbers: the way they are written, what they are used for and the fact that the same number can be expressed in numerous different ways. Children will start learning about fractions in the context of dividing into equal parts and fair sharing. They will play games, do puzzles, and solve problems about equal and unequal shares.

We will offer a variety of engaging tasks for pupils to get a first grasp of what fractions are and how to work with them. These activities lay a firm foundation for understanding proportionality in general and prepare children for more advanced topics related to fractions and decimals they will come across later in school.

The groups in our camp are very small and every child is encouraged to discuss their thinking about a problem with their peers. The exchange of ideas in our friendly discussions is both enjoyable and productive, helping children to develop their reasoning skills. 

Programming has become one of the most important skills of the 21st century. The number of jobs that require coding will continue to increase dramatically. At the same time programming strengthens logical thinking and problem-solving skills – vital in many different areas of life, from engineering and science to medicine and law. In our Coding Clubs we use the Scratch visual environment (developed by MIT) to create animations and games to teach children all the major programming constructions and how to compose effective algorithms. Participants will see and learn more about the connection between programming and maths. 


Places are limited, please register your interest HERE.

 The format for junior online camp is as follows:

  • each day there are three 45 minute classes and strategic breaks from the screen between them

  • class sizes are limited to three to five pupils of similar age and ability

  • all classes are interactive, using Zoom, with pupils solving problems with the teacher and with each other  

  • class times are: 9.00-9.45, 10.10-10.55 and 11.20-12.05 (or 12.40-13.25)

  • Fees are £345 for five days, Monday to Friday

To take part you must have a PC or laptop (Windows or Mac OS) with a camera and mic and a stable internet connection.