Maths Battles - Presenting Proofs and the Art of Mathematical Debate

Senior STEM Camp for Years 7 to 9

23 - 27 October 2023: Face to Face at Baden-Powell House, 65 Queens Gate, SW7 5JS


This October we are running a very special camp which focuses only on Maths. This camp is designed for accomplished young mathematicians to perfect their problem solving and presentational skills through ‘Maths Battles’.

A Maths Battle is a challenging mixture of scientific teamwork and the traditional English Debate. Teams of students work together on difficult mathematical problems before presenting their solutions to an opposing team who may challenge these through questions.

During the camp pupils will learn and solve problems based on various areas of Maths such as Geometry, Combinatorics and Algebra at UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Junior and Intermediate Challenge levels. Participants will form teams, practice working together and learn how to present their solutions.

At the end of the camp a Maths Battle will be organised between the teams.

Places are limited, please register your interest HERE.   

Places on this camp are very limited. The camp is designed for pupils who have already proved their interest and ability in problem solving, examples of this include:

  • track record of submitting solutions to LondonSMP’s Monthly Maths Challenge, or

  • a silver certificate from any of the UKMT challenges or above

Format and fees for the senior face to face camp:

  • ages 11 to 14 (Years 7 to 9)
  • camp times: 1pm to 5pm
  • fees are £490 for five days. It is not possible to join for a shorter period
  • option to join for 10am to 1pm for ‘Spooky Skull’ Robotics, studying gesture control cybernetics with Arduino C programming. Students take home their university level robotics project. Fee: £360

Places are limited, please register your interest HERE.