Developing Spatial Reasoning - Translations, Rotations and Reflections and the Levitation Project

Junior STEM Camp for Reception to Year 3  

2-5 April 2024: Face to Face at Francis Holland School, Sloane Square

39 Graham Terrace, SW1W 8JF


In this all new Easter holiday camp, we invite children to enjoy maths, science, coding and chess in a fun and nurturing environment.

The camp runs from 9am to 12pm or 1pm to 4pm over four days. Each three hour day is divided into classes on the topics above with comfort breaks and opportunities to stop for drinks and a snack. 

Learning groups are very small with a pupil to teacher ratio of 6 to 1 tailored for each child’s age and level of experience with the subject to provide appropriate levels of simplicity or complexity.


In Maths and Problem Solving, pupils will enter the wonderful world of Geometric Transformations. This intriguing area of spatial mathematics greatly helps children to develop their spatial reasoning skills. We will explore different types of symmetry by creating beautiful patterns with translations, rotations and reflections.

Paper folding, cutting out shapes and working with mirrors will provide children with a valuable practical experience in transformations. We will discuss ways to translate the visual effects of transformations into the language of geometric shapes and quantities, showing pupils the beauty of mathematics.

Our teaching methodology in Maths encourages every child to discuss their thinking about a problem with their peers. The exchange of ideas in our friendly discussions is both enjoyable and productive, helping children to develop their reasoning skills. This will also support each child’s understanding of the importance of maths and its practical uses.

Places are limited, please register your interest HERE.  

In Science children will work on the Levitation Project where they build a working model in which a ball levitates with the help of propeller and a servo motor.

Pupils will also:

  • learn about Programming - how it works, how much fun it is and ‘debugging’ - the process of each child checking their work if the programme doesn’t run and trying to fix it themselves. We develop new coding projects for every camp

  • enjoy Chess: the primary goal for the youngest and newest players will be to learn the basic rules of chess and begin playing. More advanced players will be coached in strategy and tactics and how to improve their game. To develop a child’s interest in chess, we present it as an exciting game of protecting one’s kingdom and its inhabitants. Research shows that playing chess regularly helps children achieve better results in maths and sciences, enhances language skills and memory and, most importantly, improves decision making which is why many countries teach it as a part of the school curriculum.

Format and fees for the junior face to face camp (Reception to Year 3 / Ages 4.5 to 8.5):

  • small groups of similar age and experience. Pupil to teacher ratio is 6 to 1
  • four days from Tuesday to Friday from either 9am to 12pm or 1pm to 4pm 
  • fees are £380 for all four days. It is not possible to join for a shorter period

Places are limited, please register your interest HERE.