The Power of Algorithms -  What they are and How they work

ONLINE Senior Maths and Programming Camp for ages 7 to 16

14-18 December 2020


This camp is all about how in programming, maths and beyond, algorithms can be used to sequence instructions with the goal of solving a specific problem, performing a certain action, or a computation.

How to find a winning strategy in a game? How to pose effective questions in “Twenty Questions”? Algorithms are everywhere. To solve a linear equation at school we follow a simple algorithm. The Greeks used algorithms to discover prime numbers while Google uses an algorithm to help you find the quickest way from home to school.

Develop and compare algorithms and learn how to read and write them! Online lessons in small groups divided by age and experience. 

Example of how an algorithm can solve a maths problem: Using 10 weights and a balancing scale, what is the lowest number of measurements needed to work out which is the heaviest weight? And how many measurements are needed to discover the second heaviest weight?

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