Architecture: Geometry and Construction

ONLINE Senior Maths and Programming Camp for ages 7 to 17

13-17 July 2020


This Camp brings maths and programming alive with a focus on geometry in architecture and computing in construction. Younger children will explore different kinds of symmetry, the properties of symmetrical shapes, uses of symmetry in games and the fun and skill in drawing tessellations. Older pupils will look at Euclidean and Cartesian Geometry and prove famous theorems, apply these to reveal the secrets of complex figures.

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Years 3-5: Learn about different kinds of symmetry, the properties of symmetrical shapes, uses of symmetry in games and draw your own tessellations.

Years 6-8: Draw gothic windows and other beautiful figures with the dynamic geometry software, GeoGebra. Understand symmetries in games and in geometry. Learn the properties of quadrilaterals, animate a kite and draw your own tessellations.

Years 9-10: Join a journey in science through time, going back thousands of years. Open the book of Euclid and redraw and animate his figures with the dynamic geometry software GeoGebra. Prove famous theorems and apply these to reveal the secrets of complex figures.

Years 11-12: What is the heart-shaped curve you can see in a teacup? How can a whispering gallery help to find hidden treasure? Learn the dynamic geometry software GeoGebra to draw curves, animate motions and find their Cartesian and polar equations. Work out the properties of famous curves through Algebra and Calculus. Bring curves to life and make Sixth Form Maths fun.

Junior Programming, Years 3-5:

Scratch is a programming language and an online community where children can programme and share interactive media such as stories, games, and animation with people from all over the world. As children create with Scratch, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically. As a result, the excitement of working on their own Scratch project will translate into a deeper interest of maths and coding.

During this camp, we focus on developing children's logic and geometry skills through coding. Most importantly, they will see and learn more about the connection between programming and maths.

Using the Scratch visual environment we will create animations and games to teach children all the major programming constructions and how to compose effective algorithms.


Senior Programming, Years 6-12

Python, Years 6-12: Depending on a child’s previous experience and knowledge of Python, pupils will either learn the basics of Python or will go further and gain an understanding of recursion in Python, building prime factorization trees for numbers. They will implement tessellations with Tkinter, build and walk through labyrinths, study random and non-random walks, and draw fractal sketches.

Processing. Sebastien Truchet's interactive tilings, Years 6-12: While mathematicians like Pascal, Fermat, and Leibnitz were studying the new subject of probability, Sebastien Truchet published a work that explored the subject in graphical form by means of tilings. During this course, we will make an interactive application in Processing for generative graphics. Pupils will explore geometric algorithms to make beautiful interactive patterns.

Python Blender 3D. Procedural 3D structures, Years 8-12, for pupils familiar with Python: Over the last few decades the strong algorithmic trend in architecture has shown the importance of programming skills. In this project, pupils will learn about the basic concepts of computational architecture and practice with shaping using Python programming language and the Blender3D environment. Pupils will cover such topics as recursion and randomisation, data structures, and 3D mesh reconstruction.

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