Olympiad Mathematics for Beginners

ONLINE Junior Maths, Coding and Chess Camps for Reception to Year 3  

11-15, 18-22 and 25-29 July 2022

(different content and projects for each week)


In these stimulating camps our participants will learn the beginnings of olympiad problem solving through maths games and puzzles. Our aim is to introduce children to solving problems, mathematically and beyond, using logic and creative thinking so they begin to see what lies behind the ‘magic’ of maths. 

Children will discover the practical uses of mathematics and coding in an exciting and inspiring way, explore and understand maths in and beyond the school curriculum and expand their powers of focus and strategy through chess.

Our selection of tasks is compiled from simple to difficult so children start by solving problems easily, building the confidence and focus needed to explore ever more complex ideas and problems.

Camp format - each day children will join three 45 to 60 minute online lessons that teach:

  • Maths - building strong foundations of understanding through games, puzzles and problem solving - creating those ‘Aha!’ moments

  • Programming - learning how to code with Scratch to build exciting designs and a computer game (encouraging children towards being computer game designers rather than players)  

  • Chess - this venerable game teaches logic, focus, tactics, strategy and gamesmanship. Our classes support beginners through to young masters

Children will be placed into small groups of 3 to 5, based on their age and experience of the subjects. They are then invited to engage both individually and together on inspiring tasks and problems. 

The key benefits for children joining the camp are:

  • the development of their powers of problem solving in maths. Every child is encouraged to discuss their thinking about a problem with their peers. The exchange of ideas in our friendly discussions is both enjoyable and productive, helping children to develop their reasoning skills. This will also support each child’s understanding of the importance of maths and its practical uses

  • learning about programming - how it works, how much fun it is and ‘debugging’ - the process of each child checking their work if the programme doesn’t run. We develop new coding projects for every camp

  • the thrill of chess: whether your child has never played before or is a champion in waiting, we have the right group for them to learn the tactics, strategies and skills to enjoy and succeed at this venerable game

Places are limited, please register your interest HERE.


A word about Programming and why we teach it: coding has become one of the most important skills of the 21st century. The number of jobs that require coding skills will continue to increase dramatically. At the same time programming strengthens logical thinking and problem-solving skills – vital in many different areas of life, from engineering and science to medicine and law. During this camp children will be learning how to code using Scratch Junior to create animations and games. They will see the beginnings of programming constructions and learn how to compose effective algorithms. Children also will see and learn more about the connection between programming and maths.


Format and fees for the junior online camp (Reception to Year 3):

  • class sizes are small groups of 3 to 5, selected by appropriate age and experience 

  • three 45 to 60 minute classes a day with strategic breaks from the screen for children to drink, snack and take fresh air 

  • session times are: 9.00 to 9.45+, 10.10 to 10.55+ and 11.20 to 12.05+ (or 12.40 to 13.25+) 

  • all classes are interactive, using Zoom, with pupils solving problems with the teacher and with each other 

  • fees are £395 for five days, Monday to Friday. It is not possible to join for a shorter period

  • to take part you must have a PC or laptop (Windows or Mac OS) with a camera and mic and a stable internet connection
Places are limited, please register your interest HERE.