Build and Programme Your Own Light Following Robot

Senior STEM Camp for Years 3 to 11

25-29 July 2022: Face to Face at Francis Holland School, Sloane Square

39 Graham Terrace, SW1W 8JF


What is a robot, how can it be defined? Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are woven together in this exciting camp that explores problem solving in maths and how self driving cars operate as camp participants study light and line following robots. Pupils will also be able to take their projects home to demonstrate how they operate and what they have learned.

All our camps are underpinned by the study and understanding of Maths and Programming. We create the most appropriate small study group for each participant, based on their age and experience. 

Children regularly change classroom, teacher and subject during the day. Participants also benefit from a pupil to teacher ratio of six to one with each group of participants being taught in their own separate classroom to maximise the learning opportunity.


In Maths we will focus on problem solving which means doing non-routine, challenging mathematical tasks that require essential concepts and methods to be understood and applied in a variety of contexts. 

Practicing problem solving develops a pupils’ ability to explore, reason and communicate their findings, along with mastering technical skills as a useful by-product of the process. The percentage of marks allocated to problem solving in Maths A level continues to rise, while the STEP, TMUA and MAT exams used by Oxford, Cambridge and other leading universities to assess new entrants all use problems solving style questions.

By year groups, participants will study:

Years 3-6 

Children will solve problems from Primary and Junior Maths Challenges and from the Kangaroo Competitions involving arithmetic, geometry and combinatorics. They will explore various approaches for solving challenging problems.

Years 7-8 

Participants will explore problems from the Junior Maths Challenges and from the Kangaroo Competitions mainly about perimeter and area of different shapes, about the clock and tables involving geometry, combinatorics and algebra. 

Pupils will have to write down their ideas step by step to reveal the logical structure behind their solutions.

Years 9-10 

Problems from the Junior Mathematical Olympiads and from the Intermediate Maths Challenges, Kangaroo and American Maths Challenge about sequences from introductory questions to advanced tasks will be offered to participants. 

Pupils will learn how to handle periodic sequences, recursions, arithmetic sequences. They will have to use Algebra creatively to answer the questions. Pupils will meet several questions about Angles, where the clever application of Algebra is needed and tackle by questions about the fundamentals of combinatorics involving Sets. 

Pupils will have to write down their ideas step by step to reveal the logical structure behind their solutions.


Format and fees for the senior face to face camp:

  • pupil to teacher ratio of 6:1
  • participants are taught in small groups, tailored by similarity of age and ability, in individual classrooms
  • camp times: 10am to 3pm
  • or from 9am for an extra hour of problem solving and/or from 3pm to 4pm with our chess class. There is a supplement of £25 for each additional session booked
  • fees are £595 for five days. It is not possible to join for a shorter period 
Places are limited, please register your interest HERE.