Mastering Algebra and Geometry

ONLINE Senior Maths and Programming Camp for Years 3 to 11

25-29 October 2021


Bringing maths alive and learning programming in a fun and exciting way lie at the heart of what we do at LondonSMP.

This camp is for children interested in maths and programming who want to cement their existing knowledge, discover real life applications for it and learn much more, all online in small groups with like minded pupils.

In Maths,  all year groups will have two daily classes, one on the mathematics of algebra or geometry and one focused on problem solving (olympiad style maths).

Here are more details of what will be studied by each Year group:

Years 3-6

We will be working with 2D shapes, solving geometric puzzles, exploring polyominoes and tessellations, discussing symmetries in Platonic solids, learning to draw nets of polyhedra and checking Euler's famous formula for the number of their edges, vertices and faces.

Years 7-8

Children in these Years will be solving problems by introducing a variable that represents an unknown quantity and translating the problem into the language of algebra. While algebra is a powerful tool in mathematics, it is also one that many pupils find difficult to master. We will also look at the beginnings of how to solve equations, choosing which quantity to label as an unknown (not always obvious), creating an algebraic expression and simplifying it.

Here are two examples of the kind of problem camp participants will be working on:

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Years 9-11

Children in these Years will be furthering their knowledge of geometry. Although geometric diagrams look attractive and seem easy to understand, translating what we see in a picture into quantitative relationships can be hard. The tasks we’ll be working on will help pupils to look for connections between different parts of a diagram, to draw additional lines if necessary to clarify the links and to rearrange a drawing into a simpler one.

Here are two examples of the kind of problem camp participants will be working on:

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In mathematical problem solving, children will tackle different levels of UKMT challenges from the Primary Maths Challenge and International Kangaroo up to more senior levels looking at Combinatorics, Number Theory and Senior UKMT challenges.


In Programming, depending on a child’s previous experience and knowledge, pupils will either learn the basics of programming in Scratch and Algorithmical Drawing or will go further and study Python, Processing or Python Blender 3D.

Processing (Java-based) classes will focus on the visual simulation of 3D by working with 2D objects. One of our tasks will be the visual illusion of an infinity tunnel. We will start from the basics and then will cover such topics as: the use of variables, counters and loops. Pupils will practice with the Processing framework to develop an interactive communication between the end-user and the application. From the perspective of applied maths, we will touch on the linear interpolation method that is widely used for mapping values from one range to another and for basic machine learning tasks.

In Python Blender 3D lessons we will focus on recursion tasks and programme a series of continuous on screen ‘explosions’ of various objects and shapes. Pupils will learn the basics of programming in 3D, will have hands-on experience with materials, the rendering process and even how to set up a 3D camera. For their advanced task, pupils will make a dynamic 3D fractal with various fluctuations to achieve an attractive visual effect.


Format and fees for the senior online camp:

  • class sizes are six pupils or fewer of similar age and ability
  • each day runs for six hours with four one hour classes and strategic breaks from the screen between them
  • class times are: 10.00-11.00, 11.30-12.30, 13.30-14.30, 15.00-16.00
  • all classes are interactive, using Zoom, with pupils solving problems with the teacher and with each other  
  • pupils must have a PC or laptop (Windows or Mac OS) with a camera and mic and a stable internet connection.
  • fees are £500 for five days.  Bookings of fewer days are not possible for this camp

Places are limited, please register your interest HERE.