Maths Mastery Camp

ONLINE Oxbridge Preparation Weekend for Years 10 to 13

18-19 December 2021


Years 10-11, GCSE/IGCSE: The focus of this camp will be on Geometry and the areas of maths that relate to it - Quadrilaterals, the Trigonometry of the Triangle and Vectors.

Providing a top scoring answer, or proof, in geometry with firm fundamentals and demonstrating a solid understanding of the properties of different quadrilaterals, is often a difficult part of the GCSE exam. Trigonometry and Vectors are often taught very late on at school even though they are an essential part of the GCSE exam and in later Sixth Form studies, just as they are in Physics and elsewhere in scientific applications.

Years 12-13, A-level/Oxbridge: The focus of this camp will be on Logic and the areas of maths that relate to it - Proofs in Algebra, Number Theory and Geometry

In the Oxbridge entrance exams, and increasingly in A-level mathematics, questions are being set which require step by step logical arguments to be presented to reach and explain a result. This is real Mathematics, however, pupils are rarely taught this approach in the UK below university level.

Of the TMUA tests, one is strongly based on logic. It asks for all the possible steps in organizing equations, handling number theory questions and arguing towards a solution in geometry. For example, is there an implication between two given statements? What is the direction of the implication? Is this equation the consequence of the previous one, and so on. The presentation of clearly argued logic is also required in the MAT and STEP exams as this is an essential skill when researching once at university.

The hours of the camp on Saturday and Sunday are 10am to 5pm, the fee is £350. Participants study in small groups according to age and experience.

Places are limited, please register your interest HERE.

This camp is taught by Dr Hrasko, LondonSMP’s Head of Maths. Andras holds a PhD in Mathematics from Roland Eotvos University (Budapest, Hungary) and an MSc in Mathematics from the University of Warwick. Over his 20-year teaching career, Andras has trained numerous winners in the annual IMO and the European Maths Olympiad for Girls. Andras is also a specialist in STEP, MAT and TMUA tests and has taught numerous pupils to success in their Oxbridge entrance exams.

To take part a pupil must have a PC or laptop (Windows or Mac OS) with a camera and mic and a stable internet connection.