Travel – from Flight Logistics to Journey Planning

ONLINE Senior Maths and Programming Camp for ages 7 to 17

27-31 July 2020


Travel is tricky right now, but we can plan! In this camp we will look at the maths and computing behind itinerary making, solve problems about journeys, try to disprove a famous map-colouring theorem (if you haven’t heard about it, you will!), decode messages in a foreign language and explore graph theory.

Using travel as our focus, younger children will learn the practical applications of programming in Scratch while older pupils will work with Python and Processing and learn Object-Oriented Programming concepts. The camp will provide an environment where children develop essential 21st century learning skills critical to their success in the future: thinking creatively, communicating clearly, analysing systematically, collaborating effectively, designing iteratively and learning continuously. We will be teaching pupils to develop a deeper level of fluency with digital technology and to become creators, not just users.

You can find the full timetable here. Places are limited, please register your interest here


Years 3-5: Solve problems about journey planning, try to disprove a famous map-colouring theorem, decode a message in a foreign language and learn the basics of graph theory.

Years 6-8:  Understand the logic of a language. Travel with us to exotic worlds. Take a group of numbers, words and sentences in a foreign language and use logic to gather information from them and work out for yourself how other numbers, words or sentences would appear in that language. Learn graph theory and the modern science of networks by planning and investigating travel and airlines in the imaginary country of ‘Arcadia’. 

Years 9-12:  Learn graph theory, the modern science of networks, by planning and investigating travel and airlines in ‘Arcadia’. What is the shortest way to get from A to B through a system of roads? What is the cheapest way to lay fibre optic cables so that information can get from any node to any other through them? Take the first steps in graph algorithms that affect our lives more and more.

Junior Programming, Years 3-5:

Our aim is to make our Junior Programming classes enjoyable at the same time as being educational to make sure pupils are drawn into the subject. We also help children see the connection between programming and maths and use the excitement created by programming to drive a deeper interest in mathematical problem solving. Using travel as our focus we will show the practical applications of programming in Scratch.

Places are limited, please register your interest HERE.


Senior Programming, Years 6-12:

Python: Depending on a child’s previous experience and knowledge of Python, pupils will either learn the basics of Python or will go further and study encrypting and decrypting in Python. They will be implementing graphs in Python and learning about greedy and optimal algorithms on graphs.

No plans for a trip if the weather is poor? Discover how to check the weather with Python! Work with the World Wide Web, understand the structure of urls and the Pythonic way of accessing data from the net. Understand what APIs are and how to use them. Try to build a Telegram Weather Bot!

Processing:  Following the topic of our camp, we will build a dynamic desktop application for air traffic monitoring. The application will display a map, starting with the London area, and locate a plane’s current position in real-time. The end-user will see a visualization of the plane’s flight on their desktop. To make it work, pupils will be taught client-server development, will use Object-Oriented Programming concepts and will learn how to parse JavaScript Object Notation in the Java programming language.